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MICROMOUSE 2009 (The 30th All Japan Micromouse Contest)
November 21(Sat)〜23(Mon), 2009 
Tsukuba Capio (Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture)
※The participation registration clicks a left [How to entry] button.
Important matter announcement concerning Half-sized Micromouse Contestclick

November 21 (Sat)

□Trial runs for every contestant.

November 22 (Sun)

□Classic Micromouse Contest Freshman class (Final)

□Classic Micromouse Contest Expert class (Preliminary)

□Robotrace Contest (Preliminary)

□Half-size Micromouse Contest (Preminary)

November 23 (Mon)

□Robotrace Contest (Final)

□Microclipper Contest (Final)

□Classic Micromouse Contest Expert class (Final)

□Half-size Micromouse Contest (Final)

●Micromouse Party November 22 (Sun)
●Robot Building Workshop for Junior Participants November 23 (Mon)
●Robot exhibition and demonstrations are schedule in addition to the above contests.


Sponsored by :
New Techology Foundation
Tsukuba City , National institute of Advenced Indesutrial Science and technolory, Tsukuba Expo'85 Memorial Foundation, Tsukuba City Board of Education, University of Tsukuba
Co-sponsored by :
Mnistry of Education, Economy, Culture, Sports, Science and Tecnology (MEXT), etc. (scheduled)
Special cooperation : Bandai Namco Group
Cooperation : Tsukuba, Ibaraki Central Police